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Barbra Williamson has said that if the expansion is approved, then there will be 600 additional truck trips. This is deceptive, at best. The current permit for trash trucks is 822 and the expansion will increase it by 70 to 892. The current average is a bit over 500. So, clearly it is impossible to increase the number of truck trips by 600. One explaination is that she was talking about "traffic trips", in which the truck going in is counted and when it comes out it is counted again, which is not what most people expect. It has also been said that there is going to be more traffic at the landfill, which is true, but again deceptive. Waste Management is going to move their facility on Easy St. to the landfill, which will increase the traffic to the landfill, but decrease the traffic on Easy St, especially with respect to trash truck since those will be parked at the landfill if the expansion is approved. So, to say that the traffic to the landfill will increase, without acknowledging that most of the traffic is actually being moved, to quite deceptive in my opinion.

  • Why does Barbra Williamson claim that if the expansion is approved it will be a "mega" landfill? 371 acres compared to 2290 acres or 2164 acres (see below) certainly does not seem to qualify a "mega". The only thing "mega" that I see is the Mega-Deceptions from Barbra Williamson and her Simi Valley Landfill Task Force.

  • Where are the 5 points which Barbra Williamson said were required for the Task Force to accept the expansion? Why does to Task Force seem to want to keep the 5 points secret?

  • Where did the picture come from on the Task Force web site?
  • Why does the Task Force lie and claim on Page 2 of their document Task Force presentation to various community groups that if the expansion is approved that it would be largest dump in the Western United States when it is not true?
  • Why does the Task Force claim that the expansion would cause the "Destruction of important scenic views from the 118" and not complain about the sound walls which destroy the scenic views from the 118?

  • Why does the Task Force not mention the better utilization of the gas produced from the landfill by doubling the electric power generated and the LNG facility, which will power vehicles? Could it be that they would prefer to just waste this energy resource?

  • Why does the Task Force engage in fear mongering about the LNG facility, but says nothing about the City's CNG facility, which is much closer to people? A newspaper article also stated that Moorpark buses are using Simi Valley's CNG facility, which in means increased traffic.

  • The Task Force complains about the possible increased traffic from trash trucks, but it also complains about the weight of transfer trucks, which hold twice the capacity of the packer trucks and are used to reduce the traffic when the trash comes from further away. It seems that the Task Force can only complain.

  • Why does the Task Force not seem to care about how far away the trash comes from (if it is from Ventura County), but if the trash crosses the County line and comes from Los Angeles then it is a serious issue?

  • What are the real goals, agenda and motivation of the Simi Valley Task Force and those involved with it? For example, Barbra Williamson said that Wayne Fishback was funding the lawsuit, but the article in The Simi Valley Acorn, Fight over alleged illegal dumping in Simi hills rages on , paints in interesting picture. The Task Force document Task Force presentation to various community groups states that Barbra Williamson, Charles Blaugrund, Lloyd Maitland, Jason Oliver, Louis J. Pandolfi, Alice Sterling and Robert Swoish make up the Task Force, at least as of the date of this document. The web site does not list who is involved. Others have asked Barbra Williamson why some of the people are involved with the task force due to questionable ethics.

    For infomation from Waste Management, please see .



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    Written: 08-Dec-2010

    Updated: 04-Nov-2012

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