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Classic Barbra Williamson Quotes

A new quote from Barbra Williamson:

Note exactly what she said. She did not say that it is good to have residents be part of the process, but instead it make residents BELIEVE that they are part of the process. There is quite a difference there, but I doubt that she realized what exactly she said. Notice that before this she said that asking what people wanted was like opening Pandora's box. Is it because they can control what people vote on much better than a survey? Or is that she is selective in what she wants people to be able to give their opinion on?

Here is a new quote from Barbra Williamson which clearly shows that she does not want to know what the people think:
Yeah, don't inform people that the issue is going to be discussed and the discuss in in the middle of the night, so then you can claim that they would be in the room if they cared. If they cared, they would inform people that it was going to be discussed and they would do it at a time in which people could attend. Putting it in the agenda on a Friday night for the next Monday is not informing people.

Here is a classic Barbra Williamson quote:

Developers have to donate money to Barbra Williamson's campaign in order to get a fair hearing???? Everyone should be able to get a fair hearing without having to donate money. To require someone to donate money in order to get a fair hearing reeks of corruption.

Also, you should be aware that " Williamson found in violation of city's campaign finance laws ".

A quote from the above article:

So, Barbra Williamson voted on the current code, but now claims that it is too difficult to understand? She also claimed that she was not fined and she just had to return the money, but the article states that she had to pay the check to the City.

Another interesting quote:

A new quote from Barbra Williamson:

The Acorn: Council says no to historic designation

It is amazing that she does not get what she is saying. How sorry can she be that the residents had to go through this when all it would have taken to stop it was to have the City Staff ask the residents in ADVANCE and just stop it when it was found that they did not want it.

It seems to me that her response is just typical of her and it does not seem honest to me. Does she really think that people believe what she is saying? I have to wonder if she actually believes her own statements.

So, were the residents recognized first and put first when the strawberry vendors were banned? Or was it just after the outrage that the Council decided that they had better listen to the residents?
Another new quote from Barbra Williamson:

The Acorn: Committee: Some council benefits need to go
The Council Members are supposed to be overseeing the City, so can someone explain to me how exactly Barbra Williamson can be shocked at the benefits? You would think that after 20 years on the Council that she would know what is going on. If she does not know what is going on, as the quote shows, then she needs to be going from the Council ASAP.



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 23-Dec-2011

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