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What I feel needs to be done to save Simi Valley

For the people of City Valley to pay more attention to what the City Council is doing and not doing.

  • To force the City Council to disclose information in an easy manner, such as an email news letter.
  • To get a City Council who will do the will of the WHOLE community, not for personal or special interests.

    We need to increase the awareness of what the City Council is doing and not doing. I think the current people have been on City Council for long enough.

    I believe that the City should provide essential services, but that government should be limited and certainly not be a Mommy Government, who claims to know what is best (wood fences, for example).

    We need a Council that will If elected, listen to all residents and business owners in Simi Valley. I think it should be easier to give feedback to the City Council and that the City Council should listen (in addition to following the law). An email discussion list might be an option. No, I am not looking to use expensive means of communication. There are many free options to consider.

    I think that the information should be easier for residents of Simi Valley to get. New ordinances, adopted by the City Council, are listed on the City Web page (if you know where to find it), but it seems that once it has been incorporated into the Simi Valley Municipal Code the items are removed from the web page. Why is it so difficult to find out when they banned wood fences in Simi Valley? Why not keep the list available for several years? I would also like to see a newletter announcing what the City Council is going to do, as well as what they have done. I know that the response from those on the City Council is going to be that the information is available and it is not their fault that people did not find it. Read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" for a commentary on such responses.

    It seems to me that all the fund raisers to run for City Council creates a conflict of interest in what the person will have to do. I am not sure of what is done with all the money, but clearly some of the money is going for nice dinners/parties for those who can afford to pay.

    I think it also would be a good idea to consider term limits. This would help to refresh the City Council and reduce the payback to campaign donors and other conflicts of interest which cause the person to no longer do what is best for the whole community. I have seen some campaign ads which show that the City Council member has been appointed to various positions, no doubt because they are a City Council member. This is yet another issue which can create a conflict of interest and is also a way that the person can profit by their elected position.

    One interesting thing that I recently heard was that there are term limits on the Neighborhood Councils. Why are some term limits in place, but not for those that really count?



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    Written: 08-Dec-2010

    Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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