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City Council "full-time" fraud?

Last night on it was mentioned that the City Council has managed to get all the benefits that they do by claiming a low hourly rate and that it is a full time position. There are a couple of serious problems with this though.

According to the State of CA the current minimum wage is $8/hour. If you calculate the hourly rate that the City Council is getting, it comes out to $7.18 ($14,937.96 / 2080). This means that the hourly rate is BELOW the CA Minimum wage and suggests that they are not following the law. It could be that they calculated it based on a 35 hour week. No, I am not suggesting that they get a raise.

The next issue is that if they are claiming it is a full-time, 40 hours per week, job, then I would like to see proof that they are actually working full-time and not abusing their "full-time" position. How many REAL hours are the Council members working? I am not talking about any excuse to claim that they are working as a Council member. Most of the City Council have other jobs, which seems to be a conflict to me in that they can not work at their "full-time" City Council position.

It seems that this "fraud" is known in City Hall, but it has not been mentioned to the public nor any action taken to correct the matter.

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It was mentioned in the 30-Aug-2010 City Council meeting that all of the City Council members went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting and that the food and wine was really good. I guess to eat and drink is part of their "full-time" job. It was also mentioned with respect to meeting the Council members that the public has to work around the schedule of Council members as most have full-time jobs which limit when they can meet.

I also have to wonder at what this fraud is costing the public. Since the position is listed as full-time, the years of service in increased, whereas if it was part-time the years of service would be prorated. This means that if a City Council member were to get a government job, their total years of service would be higher than it actually is.

BTW, it was mentioned at this Council meeting that a vehicle was given to City Manager Sedell. I guess that he can not afford a vehicle since he only earns close to a quarter million dollars, excluding benefits. I did not see that listed as a benefit for him. Sojka said that there was "full transparency", but if things like this are hidden, how can you really claim that there is "full transparency"?



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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