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Say What Barbra Williamson?

It amazes me at time the attitude that some people have. I recently found out about and some of the statements on there are quite enlightening, especially those from Barbra Williamson. While she is not up for election this time, it is important as it shows the attitude of those who have been elected.

On 05-Aug-2010: Click here for this thread

Barbra Williamson stated "Candidates are going to say what you want to hear". That seems to me that she is admitting to what she does. I am telling you how I feel and what I think, not what you want to hear.

The next interesting quote was in regards to the banning of legimate businesses, the food vendors. She stated "My main reason not supporting this was because they don't have the same costs as businesses that have stationary businesses". What business is it of the City Council what the costs of the businesses are? If a business opens their business in an older building in order to save money vs. expensive prime property, is the City going to do something about this? Or is it that campaign donors wanted to get rid of these smaller businesses?

Then, what I really like is that she says "so the Council, who is accused of not listening, did in fact listen to the residents and let the vender(s) stay.". So, if the City Council listens to the residents, please explain why these businesses were banned in the first place? Yes, when the hoards come to the castle with torches and pitchforks, the City Council backed down, but only with the strawberry vendors and ONLY grandfathers those vendors which existed. It is SO kind that the City Council let them stay. Why didn't the City Council find out what the residents wanted in advance? Who wanted these businesses banned in the first place? Clearly, it was not a majority who wantted them banned because the City Council backed down. It is also nice in this case the the City Council can claim to be on both sides because they first banned the businesses, then they listened to the residents and revoked the ban. What a waste of time and effort!!!

I need to find the other thread where Barbra Williamson seems to think that ALL businesses pay for health benefits and pensions for a part-time job.

There was also a complaint that people were stopping in the street by the Strawberry vendors. Instead of blaming the person illegally stopping, the blame was placed on the vendors. The problem is that under that concept the baseball fields on Royal, near Tapo Canyon need to be closed because of the people stopping in the street, the illegal street crossings, What is the City Council doing about this serious safety issue? etc.

Update: there are numerous posts under Barbra Williamson's name in which she writes such things as "shoo, Ken shoo...annoying little nat, shoo". This violates the City of Simi Valley Code of Conduct for a City Council member, but it also shows her complete lack of judgment and arrogant attitude towards those who are willing to speak up, as well as calling her on her false statements. Part of this came about because I suggested that she create a web page for the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Taskforce. She responded that she did not have time and that it was too expensive. Web sites are cheap and the claim of a lack of time is just an excuse. My feeling is that she does not want to put up a web page is because then her positions would be in writing for all to see and understand.

Now, I would not doubt that Barbra Williamson might try to claim that she did not write the statements when she gets called on this, but there is no response from her that those posts are not her and other posts confirm that it is really her.



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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