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Watering Issues, but not usage

It is quite amusing to watch the lack of common sense with respect to the watering issues. The City Council has made decisions, then gone and changed those decisions, most likely because the decisions did not make any sense. But the bottom line is that the City Council has never managed to get to the real issues which is water waste and water use. The City Council limited what days you could water, but when you have a sandy soil, deep watering does not really work. They also limited how long you could water based on the number of zones, but that does not address how much water is used nor that if you have a lot of zones, or have the money to put in many additional zones, you can water all night long. Never once did they address the issue of water usage. Water usage should be based on the number of people in the house and the size of the land. It should not be based on prior use since then those who did not waste water in the past would be punished and those that wasted water could easily reduce their usage.

It is also interesting that the information about how much water the City uses is not easily available. The city forces businesses to put in a lot of landscaping, which requires watering, and also puts in a lot of public landscaping, which also requires watering, but these aspects seem to be ignored.



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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