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Talk is Cheap

One aspect to Politicians, especially with respect to the Simi Valley City Council is that talk is cheap and they don't seem to follow through with actions.

Bob Huber stated that he would hold Town Hall Meetings, but so far I have not seen one scheduled nor much interest in doing so. He has not explained his claims with the landfill expansion either, such as tripling the number of truck trips (which is impossible based on the requested permit and the current average) or the claim of the size of the landfill.

Steve Sojka said that he would bring the issue of Council benefits to a Council meeting, but so far I have seen nothing with respect to this. I brought the issue of the lack of a real CERT program in Simi Valley, but it seems that Steve Sojka chooses to ignore what I said and thinks that an annual Ventura County refresher is good enough. Please see the article regarding CERT and Simi Valley.

Glen Becerra said that if the public wanted them to get rid of all the Council benefits they would, but again no action. He also said that he did not see any reason to hold a special election, clearly not understanding that elections are to allow the people to vote on who they want on the Council.

Barbra Williamson and her task force seems to be willing to say anything and reality does not matter. The truck trips and the size of the landfill are two prime examples, but it is not limited to that.

Mike Judge is new on the Council, so hopefully he will listen to people and do what he says. I did explain to him the CERT issues, so either he did not relay that to the other Council members or they just don't listen.



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Written: 14-Dec-2010

Updated: 14-Dec-2010

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