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Landfill Expansion Opposition Hypocritical?

I just came across a letter to the editor written 27-Nov-2009 regarding the landfill expansion by Scott Tignac entitled WM wants record set straight on landfill expansion .

In this letter he raises an important point which seems to have been missed, especially by those who oppose the landfill expansion. I had not thought about this specific issue as I never gave it much thought, as I suspect most people have not thought about what happens to all their waste. The sentence which caught my eye was:

For those who oppose trash coming from outside of the area (most seem to have an emotional issue if the trash comes from LA County, but not from further away if it comes from Ventura County), we, as a community, should decide to not send our waste outside of the area and not receive waste from outside our area, regardless of which County it comes from. That means that ALL of the above in the quote should be dealt with locally. We should stop all the trucks which carry this waste, or at a minimum, pay all the communities in which this waste goes through money to deal with all the harm (see all the claims by those opposed to the landfill expansion for specifics).

So who wants all the biomedical waste, tires, automobiles, oils, paints, electronics and hazardous waste to be dealt with in Simi Valley? You don't want to be hypocritical, do you???



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Written: 23-Dec-2010

Updated: 23-Dec-2010

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