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The Hubris of Huber

At several City Council meeting Mr. Huber has brought up the fact that he was the only candidate that mentioned the landfill expansion in the candidate statement. It seems like he wanted to use that issue to get elected and hasn't realized that the election lies are over. So far I have not really heard what all these issues with the landfill expansion really are. It seems more likely that it is just a political issue in order to get elected and to get what you want.

Quite interesting, but he was also the only one who spewed the Landfill Task Force lies about the number of truck trips and the false claim that if the expansion was approved that it would be the largest landfill in the Western United States (the exact wording might have been different). He does not seem to care to explain that one.

Then, look at his actions and statements regarding annexing the landfill land. To be quite honest I don't really care for Becerra or Sojka, mainly due to their false statements and attitude, but Becerra was 100% correct when he said that the City should not annex property when the land owner does not want it. Huber also claimed that the lack of documents showed that the City Council did not do what it should of. Well, Mr. Huber, get some common sense and you would see that there was NO reason for a paper trail on this issue. Look at the requirements for annexing land, which is to provide URBAN SERVICES. This scam does not meet the conditions, as was stated at a recent Council meeting. If that is not good enough, look at the games that you would have to play just to try to get it to work, such as adding land until you have at least 12 voters so that the land is no longer uninhabited. Sadly, I would have to say that previous Councils had enough sense to see that and not waste all the time and money to pursue (aka attack) a business.

Didn't Huber say something about not having secret meetings? Or was that someone else? Gotta love the secret WM meetings. There was supposed to be statements made about it, but the information is quite lacking.

I also have to wonder why the Simi Valley Landfill Task Force is included in the discussions scheduled since that gang has been shown to make false/deceptive statements and really is no one when it comes to this issue. Including them should cause a problem since it shows that the City is supporting the lies and deceptions. I would have thought that Waste Management would have had more sense than to agree to any meeting with those types of people involved. Perhaps they think that the truth will win out over the lies, but personally I would not count on it. Williamson created the task force gang and went outside the Council to do it, yet she and Huber attack Becerra and Sojka for basically doing the same thing. It is laughable when Huber brings up the unanimous vote to have Huber and Williamson meet with WM. The Council was forced to include Williamson to avoid any Brown Act violations. What they should have done is ordered her to have nothing to do with it and then charge her with a Brown Act violation if she did, but they were too spineless to do that.

Huber claims that he wants to listen to the people, yet at his "town hall meeting" (aka Simi Valley SideStep Dance), he told people to bring up issues at the Council. Please explain to me why Huber doesn't bring up these issues? Personally, I think that at least once per month the Council should have a REAL town hall meeting and have some real discussions, not the current 3 minutes to ignore each person.

I had hopes that the Council would be better with Huber and Judge getting elected, but so far it seems to be worse. Again, the names change, but the people remain the same.



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Written: 06-Mar-2011

Updated: 06-Mar-2011

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