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What do you see when you see a delusional opinion piece?

I wrote this letter to the Editor, but it seems that they did not want to print it, perhaps because it makes them look bad.

In response to the 16-Aug-2013 Editorial in the Simi Valley Acorn: What do you do when you see a panhandler?

This was also printed in the same edition, which The Acorn should listen to:
Acorn needs to put a name on it

I have to agree with Arleigh Kidd that you need to put a name with the editorial and the recent one is a prime example of "not only being misleading, but also inaccurate".

I am not sure of what rock the writer has been hiding under, but there are NUMEROUS stories of panhandlers committing fraud, actors on a stage. You have NO idea whether the panhandler is real or commiting fraud. Do a search for "panhandler fraud".

There is NO basis to claim that it is only out of necessity. While that might be the case for some, it is not for all of them and by giving them money, you are enouraging them to work the public. People think that they are helping the person, but are they really?

So, consider the job. Look at your paycheck and look at all the deductions. Panhandlers have no deductions as most likely they don't pay any taxes on it (tax evasion). If the panhandler just gets $1 every 5 minutes, that is $12/hour, much better than minimum wage, especially with no taxes. Think about how much a person could make on at a good location. I have heard that a panhandler can make a lot of tax free money. Any bets of what the panhandlers are racking in? Remember, with "no income", they can get welfare money, food stamps, etc. as well.

On a Simi Valley Facebook group a person reported that they saw a family panhandling and then later saw them leaving CostCo with a lot of expensive food, which most people can't afford.

Quite some time back I heard of a reporter feeling sorry for a female panhandler in Burbank, so the reporter decided to follow her to find out what her story was, but the story changed when the panhandler got off work and got into a new BMW. Do a search and you will find many such stories, like panhandlers in San Bernardino asking for donations to bury a dead child (which did not exist).

If you want to help people, then help them in ways that get them out of that business. Giving food, money or shelter does not change the situation, but instead encourages them to do what they are doing. You should only help those who want to help themselves by changing their lives, not those who just want a free handout. If you want to just feel good about giving people money, then send some to me :-).

For your reference:

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Perhaps The Acorn needs to issue a correction and be a real newspaper and report the real story rather than delusional rantings.



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Written: 30-Aug-2013

Updated: 30-Aug-2013

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