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Incredibly Stupid Drivers

I am amazed at how stupid some drivers are, perhaps they are just insane and don't know what they are supposed to do. Originally this was for just stupid drivers, but the fact is that there are too many of them and so I decided to just show the worst of the stupid drivers, or just the Incredibly Stupid Drivers.

Stupid Driver of the Year

Normally I add new stupid drivers to the bottom of this, but this one deserves to be at the top and is a person to watch out for, not only because of her poor driving skills, but because of her attitude and serious stupidity. She has proved herself to be one of the top stupid drivers around.

I arrived at the left turn lane of a 4 way stop. As I started to proceed, this idiot came from the other direction and did not stop. I honked my horn as she started to turn right in front of me. When we both parked, this prime example of stupidity started yelling at me saying that she had the right of way because she was turning right, which goes to show how clueless she is since the first person to a stop sign has the right of way and if two people arrive at the same time, then the person ON the right has the right of way. She also accused me of being impatient for my honking at her and not allowing her to go first. That is quite funny since she was in such a rush that she could not bother to stop at a stop sign, as required by law and for safety, nor allow others who arrived at the stop sign first to go.

It made absolutely no impression on her when I nicely suggested that she should talk to the DMV and/or the police to learn who actually has the right of way at a 4 way stop. She did threaten to call her boyfriend though, which again shows how stupid she is since she thinks that a fight solves problems or something.

As a final sign that she deserves the Stupid Driver of the Year, take a look at her parking job. Not only did she park going the wrong way (one way around the parking lot), she could not even park within the lines. She obviously could cause a problem when she tries to leave since it is not that wide between the parking spaces.


Now, on to the rest of the stupid drivers.

Here is such an example:


No, this car is not turning. The driver, a blond, BTW, decided to park there and in that way. Also, all of what looks like lights is actually just a reflection from the camera's flash. This was near a school and so most likely she is picking up a child, but it certainly is a bad example of how to drive. Since it was around 10 minutes before school got out, there were quite a few vehicles driving around, and she was still parked there when kids were walking around, which she was helping to block the view of other drivers. What you can not really see is that she could have pulled forward and parked legally, or she could have park across the street, when she stopped here. Instead she decides to basically stop in the middle of the corner, quite far away from the curb. Since she has a small car, she could have parked better, but I guess if you are going to show that you are rude, inconsiderate and can't drive at all, why not make it really obvious. Most other people had enough sense and skill to know where and how to park.

Often other drivers do stupid things too. One prime example is that the main street is a two lane road with no stopping signs, yet there are many clueless clowns who decide to park there, which causes confusion since other drivers don't know if they are stopped for the stop sign or what and when they realize that the person is an idiot, they then have to change lanes and make a right turn from the left lane, due to the idiot parking.

Such stupid drivers are also showing how to drive poorly to their children. When those children learn to drive, one can imagine how poorly they will drive.

There are many examples of poor driving skills, but in this case it happened right in front of me and I had my camera to document it.

If you see this vehicle driving (or parking) around, please consider yourself warned that this person can not drive and is apt to park anywhere she pleases.

If you have your own stories or pictires of stupid drivers, please forward them to me so that I can include them in this web page. I have many stories, which I should document here, but I don't have pictures for most.

Yet another stupid driver. While the initial actions of this stupid person were not related to driving, it did have to vehicles and then he showed how incredibly stupid he was. I stopped to eat and I noticed some somewhat strange people eating there too. The party consisted of two younger males and what seemed to be the parents. I overheard one of the younger males talking about sleeping in a pool hall and then bragging about a $650 pool que, that was really worth $1500. This was the first sign of what type of people these people were. They then went out to the younger males vehicle, looking at this and that and checking and adding oil. I guess they don't get the concept of checking the oil when you get gas, or maybe they just got it wrong and though that you are supposed to check it when you get gas from food. At this point I went to my vehicle and found that they had put a magnetic sign on my vehicle. I decided to say something to them since it showed a complete lack of respect of other people's property. What is also showed was that the parents were just as stupid as the children since the father did not get it at all. I guess it is too much to expect people to respect other people and instead want to enforce their views on others and don't see the need to ask. Now, it is not a matter of disagreeing, it is just that I do not like people putting things on my vehicle without my permission. After that I left and got on the freeway. A while later these people confirmed, without a doubt, of how stupid they are. First, they were driving fast, much faster than traffic. Then, to confirm to me that they were really stupid they decided to cut me off. They also changed lanes several times and are so stupid that they don't know how to use the turn signal. I guess it shows that parents pass on their stupidity to their children.

Here is a picture of an incredibly selfish, inconsiderate and stupid driver who thinks that their vehicle deserves two parking spaces in a parking lot that has limited spaces. While it is wrong and illegal, I suspect if this person continues to park like this there will be a person who lets them know how they feel about such poor actions.


Finest Fence Inc. stupid driver

This is not the first time that I have encountered a stupid driver in a company vehicle. It amazes me that these people don't think about the fact that they can be tracked back and that it reflects poorly on the company.

On 15-May-2013 I was driving North on Spring St in Moorpark and had a green light when a white pickup turned right on red, basically not stopping. This was not all that much of an issue, although it showed poor judgment to turn in front of oncoming traffic, but then this idiot could not stay in his own lane and was around a foot into my lane. Since he was going slowly from turning and I was going the speed limit, this presented a problem, so I hit the horn to get him back in his lane. This seems to have upset him, most likely because he did not have a clue as to what he did wrong, so he caught up to me and pulled next to me, which required him to exceed the speed limit as I was already in front of him, and proceeded to rant and rave for quite some time, although I could not hear him since the windows on both vehicles were closed.

Due to this I would avoid this company as I encountered one of their employees on the road who has a serious problem driving, as well as road rage. When a person is so stupid as to not be able to drive and is driving a vehicle with the company name and number on it, it shows that the person has serious issues and the company has serious issues for hiring such a person. It could even be the owner for all I know.

Based on the phone number I wrote down, 805-581-5826, and I also remember it was a fencing company, although I think the name on the vehicle was a different name (perhaps they change their name in order to confuse people when they get a bad reputation with a previous name) the phone belongs to:

Based on this, I would have to say that this company is not the Finest Fence Company. If you happen to use this company and there is a problem, it might just set this person off, but you won't know that you are dealing with this nut case until he goes off. This seems like a company to avoid. I did sent them email and this is the response I received:

The problem is that there was a vehicle in front of him and he basically ran the red light. It was not yellow any more, but that was not the actual issue. While that showed poor judgment, the real issue was that he crossed the line when there was another vehicle there. I am not sure that he was even aware of what he did, perhaps he was distracted with a cell phone, map or something else. Also, if he was really sorry, he would be the one to apologize. Any bets that his wife is just saying that?

Update: I received an interesting email message today:

Yes, it seems that he has some serious anger issues. Notice all of the attacks. He also does not get that he has a serious driving problem and he really does not get that he has some serious anger issues. He seems to think that threats will get him what he wants.

He never apologized as he had to have his wife do so.

I really have to wonder about his mental status when he thinks that I would want to meet someone with anger issues like he showed with his driving and then with the above email message.

It also seems clear that he does not have an idea as to the concept of Free Speech. I have asked him to address any issues with this article in which there is something which is not correct.

It is interesting that he wants to advertise his business on his vehicle, but when he gets free advertising he does not seem to like it.

His saying that I would like "this" to go away is interesting. I would like his inability to drive and his anger issues to go away, but until he gets professional help, that is not going to happen and so far it does not appear that he understands his issues.

Here is a previous email message in which his wife says that he does not know how to type on a computer, so that she has to do it for him. I wonder when he learned to type, or is it just that both of them will lie in order to serve their own purposes?

For someone who does not know how to use a computer, it seems that he is somehow now able to do so. Does this mean that his wife was lying when she said that he couldn't use the computer?

I was wondering the other day about whether people are intentionally bad drivers or just obliviots (to steal a term from another person).

Today, I would have to say that the person was intentional. Anyone want to claim knowing the owner of this vehicle? The windows are illegally tinted as well.

The first thing was that the person pulled out in front of on-coming traffic, did not turn right into the far right lane, then when I changed lanes to avoid this idiot, the idiot changed lanes in front of me. Notice how well this person stopped at the limit line. What you might notice if you look carefully at the last picture you will the tire smoked from skidding to a stop, not in the lane and not behind the limit line.

One person commented on this with saying "Hey, that dick passed me today. Going in and out of traffic, riding butts.....funny how u come to a light and they didn't make it amy further with all that effort haha". So it seems that this is standard practice for how this person "drives". I suspect that this person got their drivers license out of a bubblegum machine.







Here is a person who can't park. What is not shown in this picture is that there is no space to the left of this space, so there is really no excuse to park over the line to the right. Also notice the vehicle to the right parked over the line as well due not this vehicle being over the line. It seems that some people won't just park in another space when an idiot parked badly. This just completely messes up the parking for a long time.


These two women are why the term "obliviot" was created. The driver stopped her vehicle in a lane of traffic in the parking lot and was chatting with the other women. It is bad enough to do that, but she was also so clueless that they were talking with the door open, reducing the space even further. Ignoring the fact that it was a no parking zone, it seems that they did not care. Even when I honked my horn, they did not get a clue that they were being obliviots. There were no hazard lights on or anything to indicate that there was any type problem with the vehicle.



Beware of a white Lexus with the license plate "LYNN V" if a male is driving it. I encountered this driver when they wanted to pass on Madera when it narrows down, well after they should try and he was well behind. Then he cut people off and went speeding off, but hit all the red lights and I kept catching back up until they turned just past the 23.

I have also heard of others reporting issues with this driver on a daily basis, so it seems like this is a regular thing for this driver.


Why is it that when people are caught doing stupid things that they have to prove exactly how stupid they really are? I suspect that in part they don't get that they are being stupid, most likely because they are stupid.

Here is a prime example of this concept. The first picture is actually the latest, but it is first since it might help people to recognize this clueless wonder. The later pictures are from my DVR.

As you can see from the DVR pictures I saw this person (a blonde female, if that matters) from quite a distance. The speed limit on a residential street is 25 mph, but she was going around 10 mph. It appeared like she was sightseeing. Perhaps she was looking for garage sales, which I suspect because it appeared that she had a chair in the back of her vehicle and was was slowing down to look at houses (although there were no garage sales).

If you notice, she started driving down the middle of the street, rather than staying in her own lane. I suspect she did not care about traffic coming the other way. Since she was almost stopped in the lane of traffic, it did not appear that she cared about anyone else. I tried to give her a hint that she was being stupid by flashing the high beams. That did not work. I hit the horn, that did not work in a postive manner either as she seems to decide at that point to prove just how stupid she was and go slower and stop at the stop sign for a long time, then she decided to go 20 mph on a street with a speed limit of 40 mph. What is not seen here is that she pulled to the right, as if to turn right, but instead went straight, after I went past. You could say that was nice, but there were many other places that she could have pulled over to let others pass. The funny thing is that after I went past her she seemed to be able to go at a more reasonable speed. Also, if you notice the last picture, she put on her brakes because another vehicle wanted to turn onto the street. Due to how slowly she was going, that vehicle could have pulled out in front of her and the only way she would have hit them was if she found the accelerator.

I really don't think that she gets that basically stopping in the middle of the road, while driving in the middle of the road, is a stupid thing to do. Then she had to try to get back at me by continuing to show how stupid she is. This is one person who really should not have a drivers license.







This driver is very special. After she pulled her stunt, she claimed that she had a heart, most likely as a means to try to attack me. One lane was closed and she was in line with the rest of the vehicles, but then it seems that she did not want to wait behind everyone else and so she went into the lane that was closing and tried to push her way into the other lane. I suspect that she has done this type of thing before and will likely do it again. I would not let her in, but she did find an idiot who let her in, which then teaches her that she can get away with it. She clearly does not care about ALL of the others who are waiting to go, she has to cut into the line so that she has to wait less than others. The funny thing is that there were some scrapes on the driver's side which looked like she unsuccessfully tried such a thing in the past, or perhaps she is just a really bad driver.


While vehicle is parked in the photo, the reason for posting it because this person feels that they are a very special person and one way aisles don't apply to them. He drove the wrong way in the aisle, then parked, right in front of on-coming traffic. On the good side, he seems be able to park between the lines.


Scott Brown, Owner of Custom Creations General Contractor

The first thing is that when you drive a company vehicle, you should drive better than the rest. It does not matter if someone did something wrong, you should never try to get back at them. Road rage will not reflect well on you or your business. When you are called on it online, you really should be careful in what you say since you will only be creating more problems for yourself, as well as for your company, like with this article. Most of the time if the person does not just apologize, they will instead dig themselves a deeper hole.

Note: If the Browns can formulate a reasonable, rational statement, I am more than willing to include their side of the story and they are free to let me know if they want to claim anything in this article is not accurate.

I don't know what actually happened. As best guess Scott Brown may have failed to yield the right of way to on-coming traffic when turning right at a red light. The other driver said that he had to change lanes to avoid hitting him when he ran a red light and then he tried go around him. The other driver says that Scott Brown gave him the finger, instead of waving saying that he was sorry. It gets a bit fuzzy after that. Scott Brown claims that the person hit the brakes to cut him off, but then said that the person followed him. I am not sure of how the person went from being in front of him to being behind him and Scott Brown would not answer. There was mention of Scott Brown swerving towards the person and Scott Brown said that the other person stopped on the on-ramp to the freeway. This indicates possible issues with both drivers, but who knows. The reaction of Scott Brown to being asked questions about it was not positive in the least. If he was completely innocent, I personally don't think that would be his reaction. Then again, it could all be due to anger issues or perhaps something else.

The real issue comes when Scott Brown and his wife come to "defend" his driving. That is where they went completely south. I tried to find out what actually occurred as the original post was not clear, but when asked Scott Brown did not answer and told me to shut up. Even when I tried to tell him that he was harming his business, he continued until he was removed from the group. The reaction from many people was not positive, yet they still did not get it.

Scott Brown did send me an interesting message though: and
I am not sure of what "sewing" he intends to do, nor who I was reported to. He also does not understand that slander is the spoken word and libel is the written word, but in order to have such a case you need to be able to prove that the statements were false, then you have to prove damages. Since it is impossible to prove what occurred during the driving incident, that creates a problem, but in regards to the comments by other people, that is easy, it is their opinion, so it is true. His own statements are the most damaging to his business, at least in my opinion, so he would have to prove that the damages were not self-inflicted.

It seems very clear to me that he has anger issues and is a business that I would not think that anyone would want to deal with as he does not seem rational to me. Even after the person deleted the original post, which removes all the comments, his wife started another thread saying that it was a good thing that the post was removed and all that, which started the comments about them all over again, until she deleted the thread. The real joke is that they don't get all of the negative reaction and that it does not matter if the other driver was completely wrong, they look very bad for their comments about it.

Additional thoughts: In thinking about this incident, it got me thinking about a previous incident which is quite similar and there is a chance that it is the same driver. Quite some time ago there was a white truck with a trailer which turned in front of on-coming traffic, which had to change lanes to avoid hitting the vehicle. The driver also swerved towards the other vehicle, using his vehicle much like a weapon, just like what was reported in the above case. At a turn, the driver intentionally changed lanes without regard to vehicles there, causing other vehicles to have to hit the brakes to avoid hitting the person. This was not reported to be the same though. In addition, the truck appeared to be going to the landfill and in the above case it was reported that the vehicle was coming from the landfill. It is unclear if it is the same driver, but the strange thing is that both cases seem very similar and the photo of the driver looks like it could be the same as well. So, if you happen to see this driver doing similar things, please let me know so that we can try to do something to teach this person to respect other drivers.

Dishonoring Veterans

If you are going to drive like an idiot, then you really shouldn't have a license plate claiming to be honoring veterans (California License plate "2ND AM"), nor should you have a company shirt on advertising where you work ( Muir-Chase Plumbing ). It seems to me that claiming to honor veterans while driving like a complete idiot is disrepecting veterans and reflects very badly on veterans.

This stupid driver was in so much of hurry he had to cut in front of me when getting gas at CostCo. In order to do this, he cut across and avoided the stop sign, which meant that he drove the wrong way in the lane of traffic, and drove at a speed which was not acceptable in the gas station area. Then when he left the gas station, he had to accelerate so fast that his tires screeched. But what was really funny, he was in such a hurry to leave that he did not close the gas cap door, so he stopped in the lane in order to close it.




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