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False Impressions

There are two aspects to the topic of False Impressions that I would like to discuss. The first are people who try to claim that they are a better person than they really are. They want people to think that they are good people, but in reality they do things which are unethical and dishonest. This leads into the second aspect which is the people mentioned above say and do things in order to try to harm others by creating false impression of others.

There is a gang of admins from what is claimed to be a community forum on Facebook, which seem to have a parade of people saying the same thing about them over and over again. The parade says that the admins lied, did the wrong thing, protected bad businesses, etc. They seem to protect bad businesses, including those violating the law, instead of helping people know the truth. One of the admins is a CPA (who likes to resort to childish and/or sexist name calling), which is a licensed business, and she protects a mechanic (which claims he is honest), yet he posted that it is illegal to drive with the check engine light on. Prior to that he said that it was illegal for a mechanic to install customer supplied parts. I don't see how a mechanic who makes multiple false statements can claim to be honest. You can check with the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair and find that both of those statements are false and I was told that as a licensed business, making false statements to the public is illegal. The funny thing is that he said to report him and see what happens, yet when that was done he whined about having a complaint filed, but then he also said that he never had a complaint filed against him and referenced a CA web site. This is also a false statement since only certain complaints are put on the web page, but how can a sane person complain about someone filing a complaint against them and then also stating that no complaints had ever been filed? This same mechanic charged a person $100 and said that they could not figure out what was wrong, yet a quick web search yielded the answer.

When you point out the issues, the minions attack. For some odd reason they don't care about the truth, instead they protect their own like a gang member. They then continue to go after people who speak the truth, like one of the admins mentioned above who removed me from a freecycle group and told the owner of the group that if I was in the group, she would no longer help the owner. It did not matter that I had done nothing wrong on the group, it is all part of a childish vendetta.

What is funny is that when I stated that I considered all of the admins of that group to be unethical and dishonest, one of them threated the admin of the group where I posted that with a lawsuit if the post was not removed. The post was not removed and there was no lawsuit, but that is the mentality of the people involved.

There are also people who defend and protect a person who appears to be committing illegal acts, including identity theft in order to post fake posts intended to cause harm. In some respect those who protect those that are doing the wrong thing are even worse than the person that they protecting. One of the people who is protecting this person seems to be a police dispatcher and I would think that would be an issue. Another is a popular person, yet most don't know what he has done.

What is also interesting is that the person admitted to creating the fake account, after publically denying it, which makes him a liar, yet then some supposedly "good" people just believe his lies and don't bother asking any questions and help him abuse others, including the police dispatcher mentioned above.

One person who shows a complete double standard particpates with the person trying to cause harm, yet when he is called out whines and cries that being named could cause him not to be able to get a job. There are two aspects to this. First, don't get involved with such activities if you don't want to get called out on what you are doing and second, give some consideration as to what you are doing to others. How can you cry about being harmed when you are acting in malice. Of course there are the idiots who think that telling others the truth, such as these web pages, is a bad thing. When I ask for what they claim is false, there is only silence. The fact is that it is all true, but they don't like the truth.

Another interesting situation was in regards to a woman who claimed to be a good mother, but seemed to react quite strangely to statements which were not even about her. She would go on an attack and did not seem to be rational. It turned out that she annoyed one person and that person did a web search on her and forwarded it to others. It turned out that this good mother was on a most wanted web page for back child support and there was an active arrest warrant issued. According to the web page it was really easy to not be on it, such as letting the court know their address, making any payments, etc. Pointing out that there was an arrest warrant for this person caused others to attack, including making absurd claims such as posting the link was ruining her life. It seems that many in Simi Valley have no concept of cause and effect and instead blame the messenger. Why do these people think that it is wrong to inform others that the person has an arrest warrant for them? These same people don't seem to react the same way if a person posts about someone being arrested, even though the person has not been found guilty. It all seems to be based on who the people involved are. Again, the gang attitude came out and revenge had to be gotten. These people have no concept that she was responsible for having an arrest warrant. They also did not get that there seemed to be in issue with her claim to having her children since the Court did not know where she lived as she appeared to be hiding from justice.

There are also the fools who see what others say and just blindly believe it and then parrot those false statements. It is amazing how much of a false reality those people live in. The problem is that it is hard to correct their false reality and others also see those false statements and again think that it is true. I guess the sin of bearing false witness does not concern people anymore.

The term "corruption" is not really what people think it is. Many people think that it involves money, but it is actually about not following the rules. So many of these people who others think are "good" are actually corrupt.

I am thinking of naming names so that people get a hint as to who these "good" people really are. That will really annoy people. As I said, many people don't like the truth.

The bottom line is that if you see negative statements about me, it is most likely from one of these dishonest people who are trying to get back at me for speaking the truth. It would be nice to be able to run these people out of town, but that just does not seem to happen in today's world.



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Written: 24-Apr-2016

Updated: 24-Apr-2016

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