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Hello, the following pages are just some thoughts about Simi Valley and the people in it. You may or may not agree with what is said, but that is the nice thing about a country where you can say what you think. Some of the comments are said in a humorous light, others are more serious. Sometimes you will have to figure it out :-). If you don't like what is said, then perhaps you should think about why. Often people don't seem to like their beliefs being questioned and therefore dislike the truth. It is also true that some people can't stand others having different opinions. The sad thing is that often people think less of a person who has a different opinion and due to that they attack the person on a personal basis.

If you are interested in having an article added to this list, please forward it to me. If it is copyrighted, you need to be the owner. Any "facts" presented need to be verifiable and opinions need to be reasonable, meaning no suggestion of illegal acts. I reserve the right to not add anything in which I care to and to include anything I care to.

Sanity is defined by society, so in a tribe of canibals a vegetarian is insane and the reverse is also the case. Just something to think about, if you like to think, which hopefully you do.



Index for Save Simi Valley

Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 09-Dec-2010

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