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I decided to create this web site for various reasons, one of which is due to Barbra Williamson and her Simi Valley Landfill Task Force. I would strongly suggest that you go to and see what her and her gang is doing and saying. There is now the ability to vote on whether you like or dislike a post and it is clear that there are those who simply do not like the truth. Barbra Williamson and her Simi Valley Landfill Task Force is clearly being deceptive and/or completely dishonest with regards to the landfill expansion. Personally, I do not care if you are for it or against it, as long as your reasons are based in reality and you have not been deceived by those who seem to have a hidden personal agenda.

I could not resist getting this domain due to the letter to the Editor that Barbra Williamson wrote regarding using "Simi" vs. "Simi Valley".

Numerous times Barbra Williamson called me a "nat" (it seems that she does not know how to spell "gnat") when I called her on her deceptions and lies. Perhaps she was accurate in using that name since includes an Encyclopedia reference:

Quite clearly she has offended me and I do want people to know the truth about her, which should cause her harm in her political career.

For example, Barbra Williamson has said that if the expansion is approved, then there will be 600 additional truck trips. This is deceptive, at best. The current permit for trash trucks is 822 and the expansion will increase it by 70 to 892. The current average is a bit over 500. So, clearly it is impossible to increase the number of truck trips by 600. One explaination is that she was talking about "traffic trips", in which the truck going in is counted and when it comes out it is counted again, which is not what most people expect. It has also been said that there is going to be more traffic at the landfill, which is true, but again deceptive. Waste Management is going to move their facility on Easy St. to the landfill, which will increase the traffic to the landfill, but decrease the traffic on Easy St, especially with respect to trash truck since those will be parked at the landfill if the expansion is approved. So, to say that the traffic to the landfill will increase, without acknowledging that most of the traffic is actually being moved, to quite deceptive in my opinion.



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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