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Simi Valley Landfill Task Force DECEPTIONS & LIES

It is about time that they put up a web site, but quite interesting when you look at the responses I received when I said that they should do such a thing.

It is one sided and deceptive, but that is to be expected. There is nothing about the positive issues, such as hazardous waste facility so that people can actually get rid of stuff instead of not being able to get an appointment with the City. The LNG facility seems to be completely missing, yet that was claimed to be an issue, why? One interesting aspect to the LNG facility is that there was fear mongering about it, yet nothing was said about the City's CNG facility, which is much closer to people and increases traffic since it was said that the City of Moorpark is also using it for their buses. It seems that some additional traffic is ok, but other traffic is not.

How about that picture? Care to say where it came from? It certainly does not look like it came from the Simi Valley Landfill and instead looks for like a stock picture from some other site.

There is a claim that it is tripling the size, but the landfill footprint is only doubled and the daily tonnage is unchanged, not increased.

It also does not talk about the time aspect, meaning the current life of the landfill vs. the life if the expansion is approved.

The "Vehicle Round Trips For Waste" seems to be false. The current permitted truck trips is 822 and the expansion increases it by 70 to 892. The current average is around 500, so the increase can only be less than 400. There is additional traffic, but a lot of that is moved from the Easy St. facility.

The maximum daily tonnage does not change, look at everything. What changes is the mix, so if you want to say that, then be honest and say it, but don't try to deceive people.

There is no mention of the doubling of the power generation capacity, why not?

In looking at some of the other files on that web site, the claim "Ventura County becomes the home to the largest dump in the Western United States." is just plain FALSE. There are at least two other landfills, which are 10 times larger, already in California.

The scenic claim for the 118 is interesting, I guess that they did not care about the view you get with the sound walls!!!

Where on the Task Force web site is the list of 5 points that they claim to want in order to accept the expansion? There has been a claim by the task force that they had 5 points which, if agreed to, they would accept the expansion. I heard that WM agreed to those terms, even though it seemed to me that most of them involved money issues, but Barbra Williamson refused to answer whether she would accept the expansion.

I hope that people looking at this stuff would actually check to see if what is being said rather than just believing it.

Separating the truth from the garbage? Yeah, they have separated the truth and are just spewing garbage.



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Written: 08-Dec-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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