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Barbra Williamson & Task Force Funding

These two Barbra Williamson posts speaks volumes about what is going on with the task force and her relationship with the truth and honesty. In a recent post she said:

In a prior post she said:
So, Barbra Williamson previously said that Wayne Fishback was funding the lawsuit, but then later says that Wayne Fishback has not contributed any money to the Task Force. How can that be? Well, I suspect that in Barbra-speak she is claiming this because Wayne Fishback is paying for the lawsuit, but she does not consider that as contributing to the task force. I suspect that she is claiming that the funding of the lawsuit is not contributing to the task force as the money is not directly going through the task force, in reality it is a contribution to the task force. How can he fund the lawsuit without giving money?

This shows a lack common sense and poor judgment since if Wayne Fishback is paying for the lawsuit FOR the task force, then he IS contributing money to the task force.



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Written: 18-Dec-2010

Updated: 18-Dec-2010

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