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Mitch Green, now part of the task force

It was reported by Barbra Williamson that Mitch Green is now part of the Simi Valley Landfill Task Force. It is interesting that she made this statement since she also said that in addition to resigning as the Chair of the task force, she is no longer a member. It seems that she is still in contact with the task force, so perhaps the resignation is just for show.

Mitch Green recently ran for Simi Valley City Council and some of his statements were interesting, but showed that he just wanted to be part of the "Good Old Boys" (not all males). He said that he did not see any problem with Simi Valley with respect to businesses as he got a business license without a problem. Many businesses have reported problems getting their businesses open, but Mitch Green does not see a problem The City Council created a position and hired a person to be a business advocate, but according to Mitch Green, he does not see a problem.

One comment that Mitch Green made that I found quite interesting was that he said that one of the good things about his running for Council was now he could call any Council Member and they would take his call. It seems to me that the Council members should take calls from the public and not just from "special" people. To me, this shows that the Council responds more to special interests than the public. It is also quite telling about Mitch Green and what he thinks is important. I ran for City Council to serve the people, not myself, as well as to inform people as to what is really going on. People like Mitch Green seem to run to serve themselves.

The reason that I mention the above is because I have documented the false/deceptive statements from the task force, as well as some of the lies from the members. In response, Mitch Green has decided to attack me with statements on the Ventura County Star:

This shows that Mitch Green really fits in with the Task Force since he is willing to say anything in order to try to get his way. The fact is that I have NEVER said that everyone's statements are false but mine nor have I said that everyone is a liar but me. These statements are just a childish personal attack from Mitch Green and are completely made up in his mind. I have never said that everything that the Task Force has said is false and Mitch Green knows this, but it seems clear that he does not care about the truth and reality, which is concerning since he is an attorney.

It also shows the Mitch Green knows that he can't really address the actual issue of the Task Force making false/deceptive statements. He is left no choice but to make attacks against the messenger in the hope that people will think that what he is saying means something. The Task Force stated on page 2 of their document Task Force presentation to various community groups that:
But there is a problem with that statement since the Mesquite Regional Landfill has a footprint of 2290 acres and Eagle Mountain has a footprint of 2164 acres, both of which are in California, quite cleary this makes the claims of the Simi Valley Task Force FALSE. The list of some of the false/deceptive statements are documented in other articles, but this is one of the most clear cut false statements made and easy to show that it is false.

For a long time the Task Force refused to put up a web site and some of Barbra Williamson's comments about that are interesting (see and instead waged a whisper attack on the expansion. If it is not in writing, then it is harder to prove what exactly they said. As part of a recent discussion at a Council meeting there were letters from residents included. There were two letters from different people which both said that they did not want Simi Valley to become home to the largest landfill in the United States. When you look at the above document, it seems pretty clear where these people got their false impressions. This seems to be how the Task Force chooses to work, make false statements and get people upset so that they will try to stop the expansion. The real question is what the actual goal of the Task Force is. There is no need to lie when you are in the right, but since the Task Force is making false statements in order to get their way, it seems pretty clear that they have a hidden agenda/goal, there has to be something in it for them. Look at the people involved and some of the issues and you will quickly see that things are not what they seem to be.

I would also suggest that people look at the other comments that Mitch Green has made, including on

In other news, during the election I went to the Democratic Club, which was interesting because if there was a Democrat running for an office, they would not let any others running to speak or even ask a question. Afterwards, many said that they would have liked to hear from others running as well. Mitch Green spoke, as he is a Democrat (and seemed to try to get votes based on that) and for most of his time he ranted about Mike Sedell. It seems that he does not like Mike Sedell much. Mitch Green mentioned that one of Mike Sedell's problems was that he did not come by Mitch's office and ask him how he was doing. For some reason Mitch Green seems to think that the other Council members would like to get rid of Mike Sedell, yet the current Council appointed Mike Sedell and has taken no action to get rid of him, so I have no idea as to why Mitch would have such a concept.

I just found a nice quote from Mitch Green which explains his behavior:
Since Mitch Green has decided to resort to personal attacks, that must mean that the facts and the law is against him.



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Written: 19-Dec-2010

Updated: 19-Dec-2010

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