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I went to the "Town Hall Meeting" today by Mayor Bob Huber. I had not seen anything about it personally, but another person mentioned that it was happening today. I heard that it was mentioned somewhere in the Ventura County Star, which is great if you happen to pay for a subscription and happened to see it. Otherwise, most people will hear about it after the fact.

I did not hear all of what went on, but the part that I did hear reminded me of the movie "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" with the Texas Side-Step. I really did not hear a real answer to the question. Most of the responses sounded like a candidate running for office. What I should have heard is someone who wanted to listen to the people and focus the agenda on what the people wanted.

Honestly, it seemed like a waste of time. No was no video made of it, so those who could not make it will not be able to see what the answers were. This type of event, if it were honest, should be held at City Hall and should be recorded. All of the Council members should attend and be forced to answer the questions from the public who elected them and who they are SUPPOSED to serve.

As a side note, I briefly talked to Mike Judge and mentioned the Council Compensation. An issue which Becerra said that they would get rid of if that is what the people wanted and Sojka said that he would bring it up at a Council meeting, but so far nothing has been done, so it sounds more likely that those statements were just campaign lies. It seems that Mr. Judge does not want to annoy the other Council members and bring the issue up. He stated that he was not taking the medical or dental coverage, but that he did not want to tell the other Council members that they should give up the benefits or put it to a vote. Mr. Judge was elected by the PEOPLE and should do what the PEOPLE want, not the rest of the Council. I am very disappointed in his response and attitude. It seems that the names change, but the people remain the same. Once in office, they do what is best for themselves, rather than doing the work and the will of the people who elected them.



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Written: 29-Jan-2011

Updated: 29-Jan-2011

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