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Task Force Gang on the EIR

I think the response from the Task Force Gang is amusing as quoted in the Simi Valley Acorn Article:

Simi Valley Acorn: Landfill EIR ready for review

Quite clearly The Task Force Gang does not want to talk about the current landfill footprint and that the land near the freeway will be used if the expansion is not approved. It also seems clear that they don't think that future planning is a good thing, nor that getting the trash trucks off Easy Street is a good thing.

I have to wonder if anyone other than the Task Force Gang thinks that the EIR is a poorly drafted document. Maybe it is because there is nothing better they can say or is it that the Task Force is just being dishonest yet again?

Yes, perhaps someone will invent "Mr. Fusion", at which point the plans would change, but claiming that companies and cities should not plan for the future because of possible future changes is dishonest. Then again, dishonesty and deception seem to be the Standard Operating Principles of the Simi Valley Landfill Taskforce (see other articles on that aspect).



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Written: 04-Feb-2011

Updated: 04-Feb-2011

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