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Broken Government

Attending the Ventura County Planning Commission regarding the Simi Valley Landfill expansion shows how broken our government is, as well as how selfish and foolish people are.

It is amazing to me how broken the government is. I can see stupid people asking for things, but the chair of the planning commission should not promote such a view. It also seems that the chair was biased as she let a long time friend of hers, who is against the landfill and is the lawyer involved in the lawsuit, talk for a really long time.

It does not seem that any of those against the expansion understand (or want to admit) that in order to build the buildings, which are in the current footprint of the landfill, it can not be done after the land was used as a landfill. It also means that once the building are built, the land will not be used as a landfill, thereby keeping the landfill further away from the 118 freeway.

So, foolish people bought houses at the Enclave, next to a freeway, which freeways generally don't have a decrease in traffic (long term). Now, they are looking for someone else to pay for a soundwall to increase the value of their property? Now, doing some simple math shows how silly it is for WM to pay for anything related to them. Assuming the worst case that ALL of the additional truck traffic would go past them, with 40k vehicles per day and 392 (approx.) additional vehicles (if suddenly the maximum permitted truck trips were to occur under the expansion, which is currently at 822 and would increase to 892), that would be around 1% increase, but the traffic count of over 103k per day was reported, which would be less than .4%, but since not all the traffic will go past them, the percentage is just so low to be meaningless. Divide the traffic three ways for the 118 through Moorpark, the 118 through Simi Valley and the 23 south and the percentage is extremely small. Looking at the traffic increase, even for the 118, it is so small, but people want to make it appear big so that they can try to get something out of it.

Math shows that the jobs issues is nothing as well, but it seems clear to me that the EIR is used to legally extort money from companies. Just looking at Simi Valley, 130 jobs is only .1% of the population and that is going to have no effect on housing or recreation if they move to Simi Valley, especially considering the unemployment rate and what is going on with housing. When you add Moorpark, the number drops even smaller.

It sounds great that Simi Valley should get money for the traffic going on a State highway, but of course those same people would not want to pay other cities for the vehicles which drive on the roads to get to Simi Valley. The trucks for UPS come from Sylmar and I believe the FedEx trucks come from Canoga Park. Also, under that model, those who live closer to the landfill should get money from those who live further away since the trucks have to drive past their houses. Also, those people don't want to pay other cities for all the waste that leaves Simi Valley. I suspect that if you did the math on that you would find that Simi Valley would owe more money than what they would get.

Sadly, it seems to me that those who are against the project falls into two categories, those who want something out of it and those who have been deceived. Why can't people just look at the facts and do the right thing instead of trying to get some personal gain out of it?

Landfill Expansion Issues???

I was watching the Ventura Planning Commission, which I recorded as I could not stay for all of it. One aspect which I thought was a bit short sighted was that the chair said that people could watch the hearing in real time from the Internet. I guess she does not understand that not everyone has a fast enough Internet connection to do that. Perhaps she could talk to AT&T for me and get them to offer DSL at my house or get Time Warner to install a cable modem without wasting my time and taking weeks just to get to a point where it might work.

There are numerous comments made by people which just don't make sense. One person asked the question how the trash trucks would get to the landfill when the freeway is closed due to accidents. The answer is the same way all the trucks which come from the EVIL(tm) Los Angeles to deliver food to the grocery stores and other trucks which can't use Santa Susana Pass Road, they wait.

The list of silly statements went on and on. It seems that many people think that if the landfill is expanded that it is going to be different than it currently is. The HOA president from Big Sky seemed to think that someone was going to have to pay for all of their houses in the future. The landfill was there BEFORE these people bought their houses and BEFORE the Council approved the houses to be built. Perhaps if they thought that it was an issue, they should have not bought there. Unfortunately it seems typical for people to make foolish decisions and then expect others to do things for them. Don't buy a house near a landfill if you don't like it. Don't buy a house near a major road if you don't like it. If you do buy a house near a landfill or near a road, it is your problem, not the rest of the tax payers or anyone else.

Louis Pandolfi concerned with the health and safety of students???

I also read an article in The Acorn in which it seems that Louis Pandolfi has taken his fear mongering on the road and is trying to scare the Simi Valley Unified School District board of education to oppose the landfill expansion. Perhaps he could explain how the air quality is going to change just because the footprint of the landfill is expanded and will be used over time, not all at once, or making better use of the methane gas is implemented, instead of just burning it off and getting nothing out of it.

If Louis Pandolfi is so concerned about the health and safety of people, perhaps he should first explain his company's testing issues with a school. Please see the article on Louis J. Pandolfi and do a web search for more details. Also read the LA Times article Huntington Methane Tests Faked, D.A. Says and look at the CA Business Entity Detail for Geoscience Analytical, Inc., which lists Louis J Pandolfi.

These quotes from the article are quite telling about how the company was doing business:
It is alleged that his company faked the data regarding the gas readings and this could have put students and others at serious risk, especially since it was thought that proper testing was being done to ensure the health and safety of all of those who used the buildings.

Just what is his true agenda? What is he trying to get out of it? Did he not get a contract with WM that he wanted and this is a means of getting back at WM? I would really like to know the whole story and motivation for these people. Clearly, there are some issues there and you also have to wonder about those people, including Barbra Williamson, who are involved with him.

More Issues

I read that the City is going to replace the 20 year old heating and air conditioning system at a cost of $923k contracted and contingency funds not to exceed $92k. It is supposed to save $25k/year, which is pretty good, until you look at the cost which is more than $1 Million. Ignoring interest, the break-even point is 40 years. Some of the money is coming from "federal stimulus funds". This shows that government is broken in that they think that this is free money, to be spent in any way that they can. According to the Ventura County Star The Council approved $242k in city funds, including $125k from the city's building improvement fund, $106k from the general fund and $11k of unused stimulus funds transferred from another project. While the articles says that most of it is paid by federal stimulus funds, it appears that close to half is from the City funds.

So, is there anyone on the Council who can do simple math?



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Written: 24-Mar-2011

Updated: 26-Mar-2011

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