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Simi Valley and Money

There was a recent article in The Acorn which shows that the Simi Valley City Council wants to be able to do the same thing as the State of California, which is use money that is supposed to be used for a specific purpose and instead do anything that they want with it:

Legislation gives city flexibility with lighting district funds

One of the key sentences in the article is:

So, instead of creating a fund to ensure that the lighting is properly maintained or giving back the excess money, The City of Simi Valley will be able to spend it any way that they please.

Isn't this what happened with the taxes to maintain our roads? The money was collected, but then used for other things, so that when the money was needed for the roads it wasn't there. At which point it is an excuse to raise taxes.

So far I have not seen anything how the money which was basically extorted from Waste Management due to the landfill expansion has been used. As I recall, it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as the street sweeping which I recall was $200,000.



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Written: 23-Dec-2011

Updated: 23-Dec-2011

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