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Bye, Bye, Barbra

Note: This post in in response to ALL of Barbra Williamson's petty, childish personal attacks in which she said "shoo", "poor" and many other things over the years. I hope this can be used to point out to her that such actions by her could have been the cause of her losing. While this is not the best thing, it is a bit of a mirror, which she well deserves and perhaps will give her something to think about and perhaps feel some what others have felt from her attacks on them.

Poor Barbra, she has been term limited out by the voters. So congratulations poor Barbra in your retirement from the Council, too bad you did not get to increase your pension, but it does Save Simi Valley money that way. So, shoo Barbra, shoo!!!

I hope we can save money and plan her retirement party, as well as her moving party at the same time (if the rumors I heard are true)!!! Then again, two parties would be twice the celebration!! Yes, you can say what you want, but after all of her "shoo" and "poor" comments, as well as the many other nasty comments this is more than well deserved.

I wonder what Louis Pandolfi is going to do now. I doubt that there is another Council member who would associate with him based on his issues (see numerous newspaper reports).

In a more serious note, I do hope that people don't actually do what they said they would when they see her in public. While it would be funny, very funny, it really is not the right thing to do.

I posted this on Facebook and she has to attack me yet again by posting:

My response was:
So, Barbra Williamson still has to attack and I doubt that she gets it. I wonder if those that said that if they see her in public they are going to tell her exactly what they think of her, which is not going to be pretty, how she will react. There are many people who are very happy that she lost, in a very personal way. Has much thought been given by her supporters as to why? Many people say how great of a person she is, but if that is how they see her, perhaps she is just two-faced and they are not seeing the nasty side that others have.

Based on Barbra Williamson continuing to claim that she and the Council puts residents first (which is not a true statement), I have to wonder if she intends to run for the Council in the next election. I am not sure of how the 2 year break would affect her pension, but if she can increase her pension by getting back on, I would not doubt that she would do it.

What is interesting, which is missed by Barbra Williamson's supporters, is that there are many "positive" responses to her not getting re-elected. Most politicians don't divide the people like she does. If her supporters had called her on her stupid statements, then perhaps she would not have the negative view that many people have of her, although since it appears to be her nature, perhaps she would not have been able to change or hide this side of herself. One comment that I liked was on the Ventura County Star web site regarding the article:

Simi council shaken up as longtime incumbent ousted

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Written: 09-Nov-2012

Updated: 25-Nov-2012

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