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Is Barbra Williamson a CyberBully?

During the last Council election, Barbra Williamson posted numerous childish attacks again me, as well. This same type of behavior continues to this day and it shows it is just part of her nature. This is not the type of person we, the residents of Simi Valley, should have as an elected Council member, especially when you look at the other quotes by Barbra Williamson, such as politicians are going to find creative ways about campaign donation limits (to which she has had to paid $7k in "fines") (see Williamson's "old news" Campaign Contributions ), that developers have to donate money to campaigns in ORDER to get a fair hearing of their matters (See Classic Barbra Williamson Quotes for more details).

Due to the recent snide, childish and petty comments by Barbra Williamson, her associate Louis Pandolfi (do a web search for some very interesting aspects about him), some of her supporters and others, I asked:

To which Barbra Williamson responded:
This shows Barbra Williamson's mentality, as well as her character, or lack thereof.

From: Cyberbullying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is EXACTLY what Barbra Williamson is doing, which to me it makes her a CyberBully.

Simi Valley deserves MUCH better than a person like her. On the good side, in a way, I have heard from several people that if Williamson does not get re-elected they will no longer have to fear her and will call her out if they happen to see her around town. While I think that giving Barbra Williamson what she so surely deserves, it is not the right thing to do. Hopefully the rumors I have heard is true that if she loses the election she will move out of town. which would be something to celebrate.



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Written: 01-Nov-2012

Updated: 01-Nov-2012

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