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Williamson's "old news" Campaign Contributions

Update: More campaign donation issues for Williamson

Please see Classic Barbra Williamson Quotes for the complete quote, but Williamson herself said "Once you start putting limitations on politicians, they are going to find a way to become very creative." Is this what she meant? While she claims that she knew nothing about the laundered money, her quote indicates that she would find a creative way to get money.

Businessman pays fine after agency alleges money laundering in Simi campaign

While the newspapers said that Williamson was fined and the City admits that she paid $2000 to the City, it seems that the City Staff don't want to say that it was a fine. They claim it was a debt, but refuse to say how that debt was created, and say that it was repaid, but since the money never came from the City, it is false that she repaid a debt to the City. It is unknown whether Williamson returned the money to the donor. Also, Williamson's campaign records shows that she did pay the $5000 as mentioned in the article.

Is Barbra Williamson this creative?

The following Ventura County Star article is quite interesting, especially with respect to Barbra Williamson. It seems that she and her donor found a creative way to keep money for her campaign:
Simi Valley mayoral, council candidates raise more than $253,000
I have to wonder if all this was agreed to in order to allow Barbra Williamson to keep the campaign money. I heard a rumor that the lawsuit was uncontested and also from another Council Candidate that she was short of money for her campaign.

Barbra Williamson is at it again with the childish name calling and wanting to ignore what happened in the last election: Barbra Williamson Responds to Doug Crosse

I responded with the following:

to which Williamson responded with:

I personally don't consider what Williamson did in the last election to be old news as it is what she did the last time.

Also, when I ran for City Council in the last election, everytime I called Williamson on her false statements, especially in regards to the Landfill Expansion, she would typically reply with something like "shoo, Ken shoo...annoying little nat, shoo". Ignoring the funny aspect in that she did not know how to spell "gnat", the childish responses show the type of person she is and her desire to ignore the issues.

It seems clear that Williamson does not want people to remember what she has done in the past. Just look at all the claims regarding the landfill expansion, how bad it was, but then after the backroom meetings it suddenly became something that she is advertising as a positive thing that she has done. Personally, what she did and how she did it is not positive at all and show why people should not vote for her. Just remember her letter claiming that using just "Simi" instead of "Simi Valley" is a sign of disrespect, yet when her landfill task force registered a domain they left off the "valley" and used the name "", which has since been removed.

Some additional reading on the issue with Williamson:



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Written: 04-Sep-2012

Updated: 03-Nov-2012

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