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Simi Valley City Council Money/Ethics Issues

City of Simi Valley Compensation

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The current Council changed the benefits, but not for themselves, only for others who get elected: If eliminating the benefits is the right thing to do, then why did not they make it effective immediately? How about for the next election? The simple fact is that they did not want to have it effect them, other than as an election issue. Also please note that Glen Becerra is costing the City of Simi Valley $1500/month for health care coverage, but he works full-time for SCE, so he should be covered under their health care coverage. This makes me wonder if he is cashing out his SCE benefits, pocketing the money, and costing the residents of Simi Valley a lot of money.

Also, please realize that in the next election if you get rid of the three incumbents, you will save the City of Simi Valley close to $500,000 over the next 4 years. If you get rid of the incumbents in the next election, the City will save even more money. Also it might be possible to have the people newly elected to change the benefits for the current Council members effective for the next election.

Each election is separate and distinct. A current Council member has to fill out the same forms and go through the same process as those who are not currently on Council. Yet, because those are in power, they decided to exempt themselves. Now, go look at the Code of Conduct:
It seems to me that their decision to exempt themselves from the change in benefits is acting in their own personal interest, not in the public interest, which means that they violated the Code of Conduct.

Candidate Campaign Disclosures

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Look at the donations that many of the City Council members have received. Then ask yourself what those people expect in return for all that money. It is also interesting that Mayor Huber has not updated his web page, events have not been added, but according to the documents it seems like he had a really nice Cinco de Mayo party, with others paying for it.
Simi Valley Code of Ethics and Conduct

Link to Code of Ethics and Conduct for elected officials and members of appointed boards, commissions, and committees

Please note that while Barbra Williamson has violated the code of conduct numerous times, nothing has been done about it, which makes the Code of Conduct worthless. Also, as said above, the Council actions in terms of the benefits also appears to be a violation.



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Written: 12-Aug-2012

Updated: 12-Aug-2012

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