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Anything to get elected?

There was an interesting letter to the Editor in The Acorn.

Campaigning was inappropriate
Boo to Barbra Williamson.

I posted this link on a Facebook group and Barbra Williamson responded with this nice piece of fiction: A second post: I am not sure of what fantasy world that Barbra Williamson lives in, but how is it being deceptive to post a link to an article in the newspaper? How is someone supposed to include her response when the person does not see it and she says that it was not printed? Perhaps in Williamson's fantasy world I am supposed to automatically know what she has done. Perhaps if she wants me to see her response, she needs to send it to me.

What this all shows is a complete lack of character and ethics on the part of Barbra Williamson. To falsely attack someone, while then later admitting it was not even printed, shows extremely poor judgement on her part and shows that she is not someone who should ever get elected for anything.

What Barbra Williamson's response shows that she does not understand that while she might have been invited to the event, that does not mean it was the right thing to do to campaign at it. Notice that she CLAIMS that she had permission to campaign, but she does not say by who. Perhaps she either thought that she asked someone or she asked herself. If she really asked someone she should name that person so that it can be confirmed or denied, but based on Williamson's track record, I would bet that she is lying and did not ask anyone who could actually give her permission.

I do like her line that she saw a lady who LOOKING AT HER AS IF TO ASK A QUESTION. So, some lady looks at her, so she ignores the request for her to leave and instead continues campaigning. She also ignores the point that the issue was NOT with her being there, but with her campaigning. Then again, what would you expect if you invited Williamson anywhere. She REALLY wants to get elected again so that her pension can go up.

It also seems that Barbra Williamson does not like me speaking the truth and has yet again resorted to making false statements about me. That just goes to show her lack of character. What is interesting is that she manages to hide this side of her from some people, or perhaps they are just too blind to see her for who she is.



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Written: 21-Sep-2014

Updated: 22-Sep-2014

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