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Corruption or Just a SVPD Taxi service?

When you run for office you hear interesting stories. It seems that you become part of a special club by running for office. One interesting story, which I have no proof as to whether it is true or false, but based on the number of people I have heard it from and the details, I suspect it is true and due this I think it is something which the voters should be aware of and demand that the facts come out. Based on the stories, it seems that there might be at least two incidents.

The first story I heard was that Barbra Williamson, a Council member at the time, was pulled over for DUI on Los Angeles Ave., but instead of being arrested, a 22 year old Explorer (who was riding with the officer), parked her vehicle and she was given a ride home. I heard that the Supervisor was involved in the decision.

The second story I heard was that Barbra Williamson was at a dance and was drunk. She called the SVPD to get a ride home. I am not sure of why should would not just call a taxi, but perhaps because that would cost money. The officer arrived, but was forced to wait until she was done at the dance. I was told the officer's name and was told that he was now a Commander. This is something which needs to be confirmed, but I am not sure of how that would go over.

When Steve Sokja was arrested for DUI, I got a call from Mike Harris at the Ventura Star. I said that since I did not know the details, I was not going to comment on what occured. I also said why didn't he do a story on the Council member getting pulled over. I did not mention Williamson's name, but Mike Harris did. So it seems he is also aware of the story. I never got an answer as to why this story was not reported, but it often seems that the newspapers tend to protect and support the incumbents.



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Written: 21-Sep-2014

Updated: 21-Sep-2014

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