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Identity Theft, Harassment & Serious Mental Illness in Simi Valley

Preface: It seems that Michael J. Sardo does not like this web page. It seems that he told a person that he is going to continue to harass me until I take his name down. What he does not seem to get is that he forced me to put this web page up due to his activities, including identity theft and that his continued actions requires this web page stay up with him being specifcally named.

I have asked the question as to how am I supposed to inform all of those who got the false impression of me (defamation) due to his fake posts, but all I get is silence.

One thing which I thought was funny is that he seems to be a keyboard warrior. He does not seem to want to meet me in person, although he does like to make threats. He posted a photo of an illegally parked tow truck, but deleted it when someone tagged a driver for the company. Perhaps I should meet him in person to see what his problem is, but the question is where. Perhaps at the 7/11 where he likes to get coffee and steal creamer, or perhaps on the bus to Chatsworth where he likes to take photos of other riders. Maybe at the intersection where he complains drivers try to run him over, but then if I scared him the drivers might be successful and then I would get the blame, so perhaps that is not a good idea. I could try to talk to him as he goes to or from a local bar that he seems to like, but I don't think that it would be a good idea to get between him and his alcohol as he goes there and it seems like he always leaves drunk, so he might not remember a thing if I talked to him then. Talking to him at the Court is always an option. I have to wonder if he would stop if I confronted him in person, it seems likely, so perhaps I need to do that.

One of his associates whines that I put his name up, crying that it could affect his ability to get a job, yet he does not seem to get how the fake posts could affect me. Due to his continued comments, I am seriously considering putting his name back up since if he continues to participate, he deserves to be called out on it.

I don't expect Michael Sardo to understand since he has posted that he did not get why a store would not like him stealing creamer by putting it in his jacket pocket. He wanted extra to keep in his desk at work. He also secretly recorded them not charging another person, which might have been illegal, but the other person put the creamer on the counter, not in their jacket pocket. He also did not like the police forcing him to take a taxi home when he was drunk in public after leaving a bar and attempting to walk home. He does not seem to understand that what he is doing is likely illegal.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

I have been the victim of identity theft on Facebook by some people who seem to have some serious mental issues in my opinion. The people who I suspect are involved are Michael Sardo, Christopher Dery, as well as perhaps Greg Stoa and Evpx Xrag . This is based on their past actions and posts attacking me on Facebook. All of them have been involved one way or another in the attacks on me.

Michael Sardo has been harassing me for quite some time. Some of his personal attacks against me speaks volumes about what his issues might be, such as associating sexual gratification and discussions on Facebook. For a long time I blocked him, but he continued to be obsessed with me and continued to try to harass me, as well as getting others to join him on his vendetta. Michael Sardo even went so far as creating a Facebook group claiming to support me running for Mayor. One problem is that I am not currently running for Mayor and have no plans to do so. Michael Sardo has continued to post about me even though I had him blocked.

Michael Sardo has also made threats towards me. Perhaps he was doing it to try to scare me, which would perhaps be a terrorist act. Such threats convinces me that he has serious mental issues. If you look at all of what he has done, it is looking like he should be locked up in a mental ward. I suspect that if he continues in what he is doing, including those who he appear to be involved with, he is going to be locked up somewhere.

It you look at Michael Sardo's actions, such as creating a group to harass me, you will also see that he has managed to get others to join him in trying to harass me, so even if he did not create ALL of the fake accounts, I am sure that he is aware of it and knows exactly who did it and a complete investigation would likely show that he was involved, which is called conspiracy. Conspiring to commit illegal acts is illegal.

The strange thing is that some people have said that I should just ignore them and then they will stop. I tried that for a long time and it didn't work, in fact it got worse. It also crossed the line to illegal activity (identity theft as well as trying to cause me harm in the community). I have to wonder if these people tell children to ignore the bullies as well. As one person said, it is no wonder that bullying among children continues when adults do it. Children are not stupid, they pick up things from the so-called adult.

It is also obvious that some people are not smart enough to think about what these people are doing and why. Why would they commit identity theft and post absurd things using my name? It is clear to me that they mean to cause me harm in the community. They want people to think that their absurd mental delusions are from me, instead of them. Anyone who supports or tolerates such behavior needs serious mental help.

While Michael Sardo has been harassing me for quite some time, Christopher Dery seems to have joined his gang due to a post I made about a person who had an arrest warrant in AZ for past due child support over $80k. This woman posted that she was a good mother and was making what I considered to be strange posts, as well as strange threats. She ended up annoying a person who decided to do some research on her and found the AZ government web page with her information listed. Check the link out and see what the requirements are to be listed on that web page: owe more than $5k, an arrest warrant issued, unknown location, no payments in 6 months, not involved in bankruptcy or getting welfare and that a photo be available. That makes it REALLY easy to get off the web page since just telling them where they are located means that the person can't be listed there. It would seem to me that helping to hide a person with an arrest warrant would be an illegal act. There are others who think that informing others about people with an arrest warrant is wrong. Quite interesting since that would mean that the FBI's most wanted list is wrong as it serves to inform people of those with arrest warrants. AZ was looking for this woman and it was clear that she was in Simi Valley, so letting others in Simi Valley would serve to help justice be done. As a side note, the woman is no longer listed, so perhaps my posting it force her to get things cleared up and justice be done.

Some of the Facebook accounts for those who appear to be involved

Michael Sardo Facebook account

Michael Sardo's Michael Beardo Facebook account

Christopher Dery Facebook account

If you see anything from these people please let me know. As well, if you see any strange Facebook posts please let me know as well. If you look at the account, it is clear that it is a fake account, but the avatar was stolen from my real account, so you need to click on the account to notice. The bottom line is don't believe everything that you read on the Internet as there are those who use services like Facebook to cause others harm.



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Written: 28-Nov-2015

Updated: 27-Apr-2016

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