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Fake Facebook Posts

Update: It seems that the children are still at it. There is a fake account which originally used my name and photos, which is now called "Ken Hamberg" . This account has been used to join many groups, in part to make the account look real. If you look at the home page, there are stupid posts there, like claiming that a duck was reported in the fountain at TGI Friday's. Anyone who posts on that fake account knows that it is a fake account, which makes them involved in the Cyber harassment. One of the posters claimed that he knew nothing about the fake accounts, yet there his name is commenting on it, which makes it quite likely that he is lying about his involvement. One of the posts is liked by Christopher Dery, which shows his involvement. The other likely suspect is Michael Sardo. It seems that they have nothing better to do, but perhaps, at least in the case of Michael Sardo, it has to do with what I have heard from others about his drinking. Since it has been said that Sardo walks around Simi Valley all the time and the fake ID he posted on FB for his fake "Buzz Beardo" account was just an ID, I have to wonder if he lost his drivers license due to drinking problems.

Some of the fake Facebook posts that I am aware of is in regards to Happy Face Hill and about the Dog Park. I did not post those and it seems that there are people who are using fraud to try to cause me problems. If you are aware of any other posts, please let me know. Also, if you know who the people involved are, please let me know as well. Such behavior should not be tolerated.

The fake posts are from a criminal who has committed identity theft and who appears to have serious mental problems. I don't believe it is just one person as there have been multiple fake accounts created, one of which Michael Sardo liked a photo on it, which indicates he is likely involved.



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Written: 29-Nov-2015

Updated: 07-Apr-2016

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