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Train Crossing Reporting

This information is important for everyone since if you see an incident which affects the tracks, knowing to call the Crossing Hotline with the DOT number could save lives. Don't assume that the police or fire department have been trained in how to report incidents.

I saw this posted on a forum and it seems like useful information in case of an accident involving train crossings. Unfortunately, I copied the text which didn't include the author information. There was a recent accident involving a plane crash, which ended up on the train tracks. The police officers called dispatch 6 minutes prior to a train hitting the wreck, which likely means that the proper number wasn't called. This also applies to everyone who sees an incident which involves the tracks since it can take some time for police or fire to get to the scene and call, if they know to call and know to give the DOT number.

Just to add to the paragraph on trains and noise, I used to take the Metrolink, as well as prior to that I took Amtrak numerous times. I disagree that trains are quiet, but they are QUIET when coming at you and noisy when in front of your face, or in other words quiet just before it is too late. Several times I was waiting for a train, not really paying attention, looking off into the distance only to suddenly find a train in front of me, never had heard it coming. Had I been on the tracks, it would have been far too late.

I mentioned to a fellow rider about how quiet trains are when coming at you and he basically laughed at me. When I saw him about a week or so later he admitted that trains were quiet when coming at you. You don't realize this unless you are paying attention and this is why people have been killed due to thinking that they would hear an oncoming train.

The post:

As a side note, I sent this information to the Simi Valley Acorn and the response was quite interesting, but which I think reflects very poorly on them.

This was my response:

This was their response to the above:

My lastest reply to them:

In my opinion, this shows just one of the problems with the media and shows what they consider to be important and what they don't, saving lives seems to be on the not important list. The response could have been that they will work on getting the important information out there, but clearly that have no intention to do so, which at least they were somewhat honest about. The suggestion that I write a letter to the editor, or in other words doing their job, shows that they have NO intention of doing an article on this subject. As well, one requirement for a letter to the editor is that the letter not be published elsewhere, which this article means that it would violate that rule.



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Written: 17-Jan-2022

Updated: 17-Jan-2022

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