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The unethical and dishonest in Simi Valley

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They lie and I speak the truth about them. They try to harm me and I let people who exactly who they are.

There is a discussion going on in a Facebook group called Simi Valley Community Forum regarding the Simi Valley City Council race (I am running), but I am being prohibited from participating. This is the reason for finally coming out in public about the unethical and dishonest people in Simi Valley. There are comments being made in that group about me which are not true and the people are not aware of the background, so this article is to let people know about the background. People don't seem to get that any comments in the group are one-sided and they don't realize how unethical and dishonest, at least in my opinion, the admins of the group are.

The players:

Katherine Oliai: What is interesting about her is that I hear she does not even live in Simi Valley. When I was removed from SVCF, she was an admin in one of my groups. I asked her about it and she said that she did not know. I found out later that was a lie since ALL of the admins voted. I removed her as an admin from my group and then she decided to try to seek revenge. She asked bogus questions, which had a false basis. When confronted on it she said that she was just asking questions. So perhaps I should play her game and ask why she stole money from people, it is only a question, The reality is that she knows full well that she is lying to people and it is unethical to do such things, but it is also clear that she does not care. right?

Janice Cantano Kay: She made numerous false statements, such as in the past she said that if I requested to be added, I would, but that was a blatant lie.

Russ Guzzo: He seems to be the best of the worst. The problem is that he associates with people who I and others consider to be unethical and dishonest and that reflects poorly on him. He does not seem to have enough of a backbone to stand up to the rest of them.

Paula Day Williams: She is the owner of Number Crunchers (free advertising). In my opinion she is a racist because she thinks that asking for proof that Obama was born in the USA is racist since she falsely claimed no one else had ever been asked, but John McCain was. She also likes to resort to childish/sexist name calling and tries to get others to join in, which means that she should be on the gradeschool playground. She also threatened to sue the admin of another Facebook group if he did not remove my post where I said that I thought that all of them were unethical and dishonest, which is a true statement.

I was told that if I requested to be added to the group, that I would be added. Most likely I would be booted again after the election. The problem is that I won't unblock them since I don't trust any of the admins of SVCF. I submitted a request, but it was ignored. I was told that I had to unblock all of the admins. So I created a second account which does not have any of the admins blocked, using my name, and then submitted a request and that account was banned from the group. I was told that I had to use a "real" Facebook account. I guess they are not bright enough to know that it was a real Facebook account as it had my name on it. The joke with that is that Katherin Oliai had two accounts in the group and at one point both were admins in the group. I guess their being hypocrites should not surprise me at all. Due to their actions, I don't trust them and I don't want to give them access to anything in my main account. They want to make up bogus rules, but the reality is that they really don't want to allow me to participate in the discusions even though I am running for City Council. The other part of the joke is that over the years I have seen a parade of people complaining about being booted from the SVCF group and in just about every case the people said that the admins were lying when they attempted to defend their actions in the other group. There is a running joke that the admins have blocked half of Simi Valley from the group.

I also heard a rumor that they are friends with someone who is running for Council, so perhaps they want to give free advertising to their friend. This is not really ethical when to do this in a group and don't let everyone participate, but since they don't seem to be ethical, that would explain why they did what they did.

A lot of the issues go back to a difference of opinion and people with problems who just can't accept it and instead has to go after those who disagree with them. One of the main people with this problem is Paula Day Willians. To give you an example of her "character", she stated that anyone who asked for Obama's birth certificate is racist since no one else has ever been asked. Now this is a bit of a problem since John McCain was asked due to his being born in Panama and there was a question as to whether he was born on the Military base or not. The base is US territory. Then there is the issue that if you look at the long form birth certificate posted on the White House web page and zoom in, there are a lot of questions raised about whether it is valid or not. Add to that the book title and it is reasonable to wonder about it, as well as the changing story as to which hospital he was born in. It has NOTHING to do with his race, but instead there is a question of where he was born and that has never been really addressed because of the screams of racism from racists.

But back to the Simi Valley Community Forum (SVCF). I was on the group for a long time, but got booted from the group. Now if there was a valid reason for being booted, that would be understandable, but the reason was that Jerry Shaffner of JBS Auto Services posted a thread claiming that it was illegal to drive with the check engine light on. I did not believe that to be true and happened to have a contact at the CA Bureau of Auto Repair (BAR), so I asked to confirm it. I was told that it was NOT illegal to drive with the check engine light on. In addition, I had a previous issue with him when I stopped by to check out his business as many people recommended him. I asked whether he would install customer supplied parts, which I use because I can get a discount on the parts through a group that I belong to, as well I have factory oil filters which hard to get and are better than the current replacement filters. He told me no, which is fine as that is his choice, but he went on to say that they made it illegal about a year prior for a mechanic to install customer supplied parts. I also checked on this and found his statements to be false. I was also told that it is illegal for a licensed business to make false statements to the public. I never said anything about this, instead I decide to never do business with him. Since his post about the check engine light was the second time I knew he lied and since it was made in public and some might read it and think it was true, I called him on it so that others knew it was false. It turned out that that admins, Katherine Oliai, Janice Cantano Kay, Russ Guzzo, and Paula Day Williams took great offense to the truth and they ended up booting me from the group. This means that the protected and defended a person who was lying to the public and who I was told that his false statements was illegal. This really reflects poorly on those who defend him in my opinion.

This issue came up in other groups and it is kind of funny how Jerry Shaffner tried to deny that he lied and tried to justify it. One attempt was that if your check engine light is on you can not get the smog certificate and if you don't get the smog certificate you can't renew your registration and if you can't renew your registration it is illegal to drive. Under that "logic" then it is illegal to drive if you are broke because some time in the future you will not be able to pay your registration. The reality is that he could not keep his mouth shut and could not admit he made false statements and tried to save face, but instead dug himself a deeper hole.

Now, Jerry Shaffner does not seem to be the brightest bulb in the pack because he was quite arrogant about it and told me to report him to the CA BAR. So I talked to the contact that I had there and was told that if I reported it, he would go out to talk to him and it would just be a warning, so I decided to do it. Well, Jerry Shaffner got quite upset that I did what he said to do, but then it also got funny because he complained that I filed a complaint on him and in the same thread stated he never had a complaint filed against him. So which is it? He knows that only major complaints are listed on the CA BAR web page.

But just booting me from the group was not good enough for them and most of the admins of SVCF lied about me and Paula Day Williams resorted to childish/sexist name calling. I ended up blocking all of them since in my opinion they don't have anything reasonable to say. Paula Day Williams is a CPA and one of my questions is why would anyone go to a CPA who supports and protects a person who is breaking the law, as well as someone who resorts to childish/sexist name calling.

One thing I find interesting is that Jerry Shaffner loves to advertise to try and get more business and he says that he was voted best auto repair in the Ventura County Star for the last three years. It seems that when people are looking for a mechanic and he replies, he can help them the next business day (if he is not going to a baseball game or out of town). What is interesting about this is that I have used good mechanics, who are also honest, and they never advertise and then also tend to have too many customers. Often, it is hard to get in the next day because good mechanics are busy. So why would the best auto repair business need to get more customers and why is he often available the next day? Perhaps getting people to vote for him is not the same as keeping people to come back. I suspect that if I caught him in multiple lies, that is likely how he runs his business and people catch onto him and don't return.

One thing that I do find interesting is that Jerry Shaffner makes false statements to people and when I call him out on it, like with this article, I am the bad person who is harming his business. It seems that some people just can't understand that he is the one who is making the false statements to people in order to try to profit from those lies, not me. It also means that those people don't want others to know the truth. Think about that, these people really don't want people to know the truth. They want to protect someone who lies to people.

Oh, also Jerry Shaffner made statements which appeared to be threats. Because I did what he said, he stated that perhaps it was time for a TP party. Which I take to mean that either he intends to toilet paper my house or he is promoting others to do so. In either case it is illegal. So it really seems that Jerry does not care about following the law and refuses to take responsiblity for his own inappropriate actions.

Is Katherine Oliai senile ?

Based on recent communication with Katherine Oliai, I personally believe that either she has serious mental issues or she does not know what reality is, which is really the same as the first option. She asked me: I replied that if she did not know, then she needs to seek professional medical help. After repeating the same question multiple times, she said as well as going on with a bit of a rant making all sorts or absurd claims about me. Then she asked the same question yet again. Well, since I am not senile, I could tell her, but along the lines of "How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I will tell you later", I choose not to. She was an admin of one of my groups and her own posts confirm it (I have the email notifications from Facebook).

Here are some of her posts: This tends to indicate that what I said was true, but it also shows her ethics since she it shows what she is willing to do. So she admits here that she was an admin of my group. I wonder how that could be if what she said was true, but of course the answer is what she said was false. This shows quite clearly what occurred. This also shows that her claim is completely false and that she needs professional help to deal with her numerous issues.

No one would leave a person as an admin if they lied and did the wrong thing, including protecting those who are trying to deceive the public and committing what I have been told is an illegal act (making false statements to the public as a licensed business). What is quite interesting is that it does not appear that any of the admins get that what they did was wrong. I really get the sense that they have no concept and right and wrong, nor what it means when they protect a person who is making false statements to the public.

After I sent her the above quotes, she again asked what group I removed her as admin. But I think that one of her previous posts really answers her own question: Finally, she seems to get it: It sure took her long enough to realize that I was not going to answer her questions. Why should I answer what group? It does not matter what group and if her memory worked, then she would know exactly what group it was. It is far more fun to not tell her and let it drive her crazy, well, that would be the case if she is not already crazy, which in my opinion she already is. I have proof that is it true and I think it is quite interesting that she either does not remember or she is playing some sort of game. I honestly get the impression that she really does not remember, which just confirms my opinion that she has gone senile and needs to see a doctor asap.

It also seems that she takes exception to my saying that she confronted me at a charity event: Quite clearly she does not have the mental capacity to know what a "civil introduction" is. When a person comes up to you and gives their name and says that they are the person that you blocked, not getting the indication that blocking is a sign that you don't want to deal with the person, is not a "civil introduction". A civil introduction would be to just give her name and to say hello. The problem is that she seems to want to ignore all of the dishonest and unethical things that she has done and quite clearly she wanted to get a reaction, which is why she did what she did and why she did it in the way that she did. She likes to play games and she seems to think that she is something special because she is an admin in a Facebook group for a group intended for a City in which she does not even live in.

The sad thing is that I have encounted many people who are afraid to confront these clowns because of what they might try to do to get back at the person.

Here is an excellent example of how deceptive and unethical she is. I mentioned that an admin falsely stated that I sent a PM to all the admins, which I never sent such a PM nor did I claim it and this is her response: So why would she say that when she is the one who posted: Since she is the one who made the statement and since it was a very recent statement, then she should know it was her, so what game is she playing by demanding that I prove it to her? She knows that it is true or at least if she is not senile she would know.

So she lied when she claimed what I posted that and it is false that it was a fake profile. Perhaps I should push her to provide proof of her claims, but since it is false, she never can. It seems that she does not have enough sense to know that a FB profile which uses a person's real name and which has been verified by FB to be real, is not a fake profile. Someone, most likely one of the admins, reported the account as fake, which then I had to verify the account, which I did, then it was re-enabled. They lied when they said that ALL candidates would be added, but instead they had to make up fake claims in order to not do what they said that they would and prevent the person tnat they have blocked from giving the other side.

This is Paula Day Williams


I really wonder about a woman who uses female parts to try to insult a male. It seems to me that reflects a hatred of her own body. Having to resort to childish/sexist name calling shows a lot about her, including her lack of character and mental status.

Jerry Shaffner, JBS Auto Services

The real problem is that Jerry Shaffner refuses to admit that he was making a false statement and he has made multiple false statements, which indicates that it is not just a simple mistake. He seems to be able to fool many people, but it is important to protect those who accept a recommendation from others and don't realize who the person really is. Yes, they will learn if they get ripped off or lied to (if they detect the lie), but it is better to avoid it. All that Jerry Shaffner needs to do is to be honest, but when pressed, this seems to be too much to ask of him.



I asked the following of a person at the CA BAR (Bureau of Auto Repair): This is the response: Too bad his inspector does not agree with his claim. As well, this was not the first false statement that Jerry Shaffner has made that I am aware of. I suspect there are a lot more false statements that I am not aware of.

Previously I asked this following question because I stopped by JBS and asked Jerry about installing customer supplied parts: This was the response: A mechanic may choose to not install customer supplied part due to the possible issues, but it is not illegal. Some of the issues can be if the part is defective. Normally, if a mechanic provides the part and it turns out that it is defective, then the mechanic covers the labor of replacing it. If the customer supplies the part and it is defective, then the customer would be responsible for paying for the labor. In any case, an honest mechanic, if they choose to not install customer supplied parts, will say that they choose not to and will not lie and falsely claim it is illegal. It seems that Jerry Shaffner does not think that people will check to see if what he is saying is actually true or false.

As a side note, a person was looking to find a mechanic to fix a problem and they went to JBS. Jerry was not there, but his mechanic charged $100 to do a diagnostic and said that they could not find anything wrong, but the symptom was obvious (I don't want to mention the specific details so as to prevent someone from going after the person). I heard about it and did a quick Internet search, which indicated what the problem was. I gave the person the information and they took it to another mechanic who tapped the stuck part and said to bring it back if it happens again, but did not charge anything for doing it. That is what a good and honest mechanic does. It also turned out that the part was well under $100, so it would have been cheaper to replace the part than to pay the diagnostic charge, especially since JBS did not and could not fix the vehicle.



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