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Show Respect for Simi Valley and This Domain

I could not resist getting this domain due to the letter to the Editor that Barbra Williamson wrote regarding using "Simi" vs. "Simi Valley".

Numerous times Barbra Williamson called me a "nat" (it seems that she does not know how to spell "gnat") when I called her on her deceptions and lies. Perhaps she was accurate in using that name since includes an Encyclopedia reference:

Quite clearly she has offended me and I do want people to know the truth about her, which should cause her harm in her political career.

After suggesting to Barbra Williamson numerous times that she should have the task force put up a web site, she finally did. One funny aspect is the domain name that was selected, The reason that this is funny is because of the letter that Barbra Williamson wrote to the Simi Valley Acorn on 14-May-2010:
I guess she could not listen to her own words and refused to show a little respect when she decided on the domain name to use for her web site.



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Written: 01-Jan-2010

Updated: 08-Dec-2010

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